Club Membership and Rule of becoming a member

Club Membership and Rule of becoming a member


Any person can become a member of the Club who shares the goals of the club and will participate in its business affairs.


Board of the Club adopts a decision on receiving a member of the club. A person willing to become a member of the club applies to the board with an application. The Board will adopt a decision on receiving an applicant as a member of the club within a week from receiving such application.  A decision on receiving an applicant as a member of the club may be also adopted by common meeting of the club members.


Transfer of club membership to other persons or transfer by inheritance is not permitted.


The authority of the Club Member may be terminated:

a)      According to his/her own application;

b)      In case of death;

c)      In case of inability of membership;

d)     In case of exclusion from the membership;

e)      In case of acknowledgment of his/her ineffectiveness by resolution of the court.


A member may be expelled from the club:

a) If his/her activity resists to goals of the club or insults the club’s dignity;

b) If he/she roughly offends the charter of the Club;

c) If he/she does not pay regularly the contribution;

d) In other cases defined by Law or charter.


The board adopts a decision on member exclusion. The member expelled has right to appeal the exclusion in the court.


The founder and further members of the club enjoy the equal rights.


Rights and obligations of Club Members


Club Member is authorized:

a)      To participate in the club business and working of common meeting;

b)      To select and to be elected in the governing bodies of the Club;

c)      To participate in the Club programs and projects, their elaboration and consideration according to the qualification and capacities;

d)     To obtain all the information existing in the club and also the information from governing bodies of the Club on their activity;

e)      To use the information and material-technical means existing in the possession of the Club;

f)       To leave the Club by his/her willing;

g)      To use the emblem of the Club.


Club Member is obliged:

a)      To follow the charter, to foster club’s activity,  provide propaganda to the goals of the club, to provide implementation of the activities planned by the Club;

b)      To pay timely the contribution in accordance with the rule and amount  fixed by the common meeting of the members;

c)      To participate in the club’s business according to the opportunities and interests;

d)     To defend information confidentiality;

e)      To promote to the objectives implementation of the club;

f)       To protect reputation and property of the club.


The Club Member is forbidden to act on behalf of the Club without power of attorney granted by the chairperson of the Board.


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