Mercedes-Benz Club Georgia

Club was officially founded in December 2009. Its juridical form is a non-entrepreneur (non-commercial) legal entity, i.e. it is not established as a legal entity oriented on a profit. The club is registered in accordance with acting legislation of Georgia.

The goal of the Club is to make promotion of Mercedes-Benz as a worldwide famous brand in Georgia.


For achievement of the aforesaid goal the Club carries out the following activities:

1.  To conduct different kinds of activities related to Mercedes-Benz brand;

2.  To render informational and technical assistance to the members of Club and other interested persons;

3.  To provide access of Mercedes-Benz accessories only for  Club Members;

4.  To assist in technical inspection of an automobile at the time of purchasing an automobile by the Club Member and to give     appropriate consultation;

5.  To defend  the image of Mercedes-Benz brand;

6.  To make contacts with the similar types of clubs of different countries with the aim of sharing experience and information.  In

addition for the objective planned the Club carries out any other activities that are not forbidden by Law.


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